Praise for “Devil’s Knot”

“An indictment of a culture and legal system… Highly recommended.” – Library Journal

“A riveting portrait of a down-at-the heels, socially conservative rural town with more than its share of corruption and violence.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Engrossing… Carries a sense of urgency.” – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“In the best tradition of crime journalism… Takes you inside … [a case that] has become a Gordian knot for U.S. justice and the nation’s sense of its freedoms.” – Toronto Globe and Mail

“The best blow-by-blow account available of the investigations and trials.” – The Memphis Commercial Appeal

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Praise for “The Boys on the Tracks”

“A wrecking-ball tale of tragedy, malfeasance, and machine politics… Authentically shocking, deeply unsettling… A page-turner.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A true-crime thriller by an established investigative journalist… The action grips readers from the beginning.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Exhilarating, eye-opening, thought-provoking… Lures you in and holds you hostage.” – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“A moving and troubling expose of one of the more bizarre criminal cases in recent U.S. history… A poignant, pertinent, and sorrowful tale [that is] well worth the read.” – High Times

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Also from Bird Call Press…

“Mindful Money”

Author Linda Bessette is Mara Leveritt’s partner and editor. Besides handling finances for small businesses, she teaches and writes about money issues in plain, easy-to-understand language. “Mindful Money” focuses on such basics as handling insurance, taxes and debt—crucial information that is seldom taught in school.

“Takes the mystery and fear out of facing your financial demons, whatever their size and origin.” – Helen Bennett, Ph.D., Eastern Kentucky University

“Excellent for young people embarking on financial independence, for those struggling to regain balance after bad financial decisions, and for older persons uncertain about financing their retirement.” – Anna Cox, ACSW

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About “The Last Pentacle of the Sun”

The Last Pentacle of the Sun is the first collection of writings in support of the the West Memphis Three. Collected in the book are dark fiction by some of the best writers in the genre, case-related essays by observers and participants, lyrics by Metallica, and illustrations by Clive Barker. All contributions to the book have been donated, and all proceeds go towards legal efforts to bring about justice in the case. Contributors include:

  • Filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky
  • Metallica frontman James Hetfield
  • Journalist Mara Leveritt
  • WM3 activists Grove Pashley and Burk Sauls
  • Authors Caitlin R. Kiernan, James Morrow, Mike Oliveri, Peter Straub, and Poppy Z. Brite
  • Comedian and activist Margaret Cho
  • and legendary horror writer Clive Barker
  • With illustrations by Clive Barker and photographs by Grove Pashley

”… the stories are all good reads…. The most striking inclusion, however, is an open letter to Stephen King and Anne Rice written by Mara Leveritt, asking why they’ve not voiced their support for the West Memphis Three who, after all, were persecuted for reading their books. Good question. Maybe they’re waiting for volume 2?”
Rue Morgue Magazine

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