WM3 supporters run for U.S. Senate and Arkansas legislature

Wendy Crow and Mary Boley, two veteran activists on behalf of the WM3, are running for seats in the Arkansas House of Representatives as candidates of the state’s Green Party.

Crow, of Jasper, and Boley, of Russelville, have long been associated with ARWAR, Arkansans Working to Achieve Revolution. ARWAR was the first Arkansas group to hold benefits, print fliers, and meet with a representative of the governor of Arkansas to call attention to the injustice that has kept the WM3 in prison.

Rebekah Kennedy, the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Arkansas, is also a supporter of the WM3. Last summer, she traveled from her home in Fort Smith, on the western border of Arkansas, to Marion, on the eastern edge of the state, to speak at the WM3 Awareness Day held at the Crittenden County Courthouse.

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