WAD goes to Crittenden County Courthouse Join us in standing on behalf of the WM3

In a public display of solidarity, Arkansas supporters of the West Memphis Three will hold a peaceful assembly Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 on the grounds of the Crittenden County Courthouse in Marion, Arkansas from 1pm – 3pm.
During the two-hour event, there will be three 14-minute segments of silence, one each for Damien, Jason and Jessie, the 14 minutes symbolizing the 14 years they’ve spent in prison.

Intermittent speakers and participants will include the author of Devil’s Knot, Mara Leveritt, and more speakers to be announced. Attendees will also be given the chance to speak their own piece during 2-minute open-mike segments between silences.

Supporters worldwide are encouraged to attend this Ground Zero Awareness Day event. Although we realize there may be various concerns due to the location of this event, supporter turnout will be crucial to the level of impact left by this show of solidarity. Local officials have been notified personally by phone and with a follow-up letter. They have not objected to the event. We would also like to assure you that your Constitutional right to assemble on public property does indeed apply in regards to this event.

It is, however, VERY important that there be minimal disruption and that those in attendance behave in a peaceful and respectful manner. Those present should maintain the highest level of conduct, and refrain from engaging in verbal or physical unpleasantness with ANYONE, even if provoked.

Volunteers willing to maintain carpooling lists are needed from each state.
Interested individuals can contact Mary Boley at mary@arwar.org. We also need the involvement of supporters willing to facilitate communication among residents within their own states about travel and lodging arrangements. As the time approaches for supporters to ascend upon Crittenden County in this show of solidarity, YOUR help and participation is essential.

This is our opportunity to demonstrate visible support to the community in which this injustice was cultivated. This is also an opportunity for supporters in that local community to participate and have a voice in World Awareness Day 2007. So throw on your WM3 t-shirt, make your signs, and stand for justice with the friends and family of the WM3 on June 2nd.