This coming March 7-9 a new International WEST MEMPHIS THREE fundraising event will be celebrated for the first time: “Free the WM3: ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND”. The event will be celebrated, as other fundraising events have been in the past, with Supporters, all over the World, holding shows and concerts to raise money for the West Memphis Three Support Fund!

Recent developments in the case have Damien Echols’ lawyer filing in Federal Court with an “Actual Innocence Claim”…which means they feel they have enough new information to not only prove that a jury today would find reasonable doubt, but enough to show that the WM3 are ACTUALLY INNOCENT. These new findings (new DNA evidence is part of a LONG list of new findings) are bringing the West Memphis Three closer to becoming free men than ever before! As the new evidence moves to be formally presented in Court (a hearing may be held in the Spring), the lawyers, investigators, and experts are moving into overdrive! This, of course, is causing the WM3’s legal fees to skyrocket! NOW, MORE THAN EVER, DAMIEN, JASON & JESSIE NEED OUR HELP! We’ve helped them get this far…….WE HAVE TO SEE THIS THROUGH to THE END! But, in order for there to be an end…we MUST give all the support possible, in the way of fundraising, to help them make it! The WM3 Defense Fund is being tapped daily and it is IMPERITIVE that we replenish it so this process to free them can continue! PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT BECAUSE OF THE NEW EVIDENCE THAT IT IS TIME TO RELAX AND LET THINGS TAKE THEIR COURSE….THESE MEN CANNOT MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE DEFENSE FUND! There is SO much more to be done! A great deal of legal wrangling will play out in the year to come and possibly beyond that. There’s been mention of the possibility that more DNA testing may be done as well, and the WM3 MUST PAY FOR THESE TESTS THEMSELVES….the State does not pay a dime! LAWYER FEES, INVESTIGATOR FEES, AND CERTAINLY DNA TESTING COST THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! THE ONLY MONEY PAYING FOR THESE THINGS ARE THE FUNDS SUPPORTERS RAISE FOR THE DEFENSE FUND. If we slow down, if we get complacent, the result could be disastrous! Think of this as a long home stretch…..if you were winning a race, would you then slow down, or stop, just because the finish line was in sight? HELL NO, YOU WOULDN’T!

We’re hoping ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND will breathe new life into WM3 Supporters’ fundraising efforts……..LET’S GET EXCITED FOLKS!……GET INVOLVED….STAY INVOLVED! Damien, Jason & Jessie ARE COUNTING ON US……..WE CANNOT LET THEM DOWN!

Damien, Jason, & Jessie are already aware of this event and all three have expressed their support of it and have wished us luck! THE EFFORTS ALL OF US MAKE FOR THE ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND WILL HAVE A DIRECT EFFECT ON DAMIEN, JASON, & JESSIE’S LIVES! The funds that we will raise will pave their walk to freedom. Do not EVER think that you are insignificant and cannot do anything to help! As a group, or what I like to think of as a large family, if we support one another, encourage one another, and remind ourselves that the money we raise WILL BE CHANGING THREE MEN’S LIVES, I DON’T THINK THERE IS ANYTHING WE CANNOT ACHIEVE!

Myself (Boohiss) & STL (Chandra) are heading up the RFFW Team, which includes Coordinators from across the U.S. as well as Coordinators in England and Australia. We’ve split the country into four quadrants, assigning 1-2 Coordinators to each quadrant. We’ll contact you to let you know which quad you’re in or you can look on the RFFW Myspace page ( ) which will have the States listed with their Coordinators. In areas where we have not yet assigned a Coordinator STL or myself will handle the area until one is appointed. This way, anytime anyone has a question, needs help, anything…..there will be Coordinators waiting to give what’s needed in a timely manner. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU AS MUCH OR A LITTLE AS YOU NEED US! Of course, if you don’t know who your Coordinator is, or would just rather speak to a friend you know, there is no “rule” saying you must speak with a particular Coordinator. We’re just doing it for organizational purposes. If you’re an old pro, done this 100 times before, just give us a hollar and let us know you’re gonna do a show, and you need not do anything else….you don’t have to check in with us, get our permission, NOTHING. But, if you’ve never done a benefit in your life, but want to, we’re prepared to help you down to the very last detail. THIS IS EVERYONE’S GIFT TO THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE and it is up to you, as a Supporter, to handle that as you wish!!!

I have complied a “file” of sorts that we’ll pass out to ALL WM3 Myspace sites and anyone who wants to put together or participate in a benefit. (if some how you are missed, please contact me). It will contain everything from mock-fliers, to my blog “How To Do a Benefit: TIPS”, to form letters to send to bands or volunteers…and the list goes on. I’ll even go over how to snag local radio interviews, get articles on your benefit in local papers & entertainment rags. Just about anything you can think of that would help you plan more effectively will be in it. We want to make setting up benefits a FUN project, not one full of stress, and the more information you have the easier things should go.

Over the years I have been blessed to get to know so many of you! Some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met are WM3 Supporters. Your capacity to give selflessly, live from your hearts, and have such great compassion and love for Damien, Jason, & Jessie….men most of you have never met…….is beyond description. It’s because of the hearts in all of you that we know if we all work together THIS CAN BE DONE….and not just “done”……..BUT DONE DAMN WELL!

So…..ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED? Yeah? Go on over and look at the Coordinators/States list, see who your Coordinator is, and either contact them, or contact me or Chandra here Go ahead and subscribe to our Blog… will keep you updated!! Snag some of the banners you see on this site and post them on everything from your Myspace sites, your sig lines on message boards…….anywhere and everywhere!




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