More suffering in the WM3 ‘family’

A caring friend asked me to post the following information. I completely agree. The repurcussions of the injustice in the WM case have hurt, not only the murder victims’ families, but the families of the wrongfully convicted men as well.

Here’s the note:

Damien’s mother, Pamela, is not doing well at all. Michelle was in the ER with her last night because she was not able to breathe. Michelle has moved in with her, with her own children, to help take care of her mom. Pamela has a host of physical problems and most of her NUMEROUS medicines are not covered by medicaid, and oxygen is not covered at all. She is now requiring a wheel chair also.
I, personally, feel this family has been put through enough. No one should have to endure all of this hardship in one lifetime.
A paypal account has been set up in Pamela’s name. It is:
No matter how big or small, every donation would be received with eternal gratitude. This I can assure you.

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