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Mail call

Dear Bloggers,

It is really good hear from some of you. A few people have asked specific questions. One person even said that I could write to them. If someone doesn’t mind me writing and would like to write letters, that is just fine with me. I love writing letters and meeting new people. Just keep in mind that I’m not able to see an address. You have to write to my prison address and they will give it to me.

Now on to a few responses. I will only use initials so as not to put anyone on the spot. I’m not sure of what you all see of each other’s posts.

To JF – You have a son in a Louisiana prison. Well, my heart goes out to you. That really sucks that he is that close to home and the visits the way they are. Here we can have a 3-hour contact visit every weekend.  Inmates with a last name beginning with A-N get their visits on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. There is a concession stand with snacks and a number of vending machines. Plus, there is a spot to take pictures with your loved ones. You asked if I have visits. Yes, I have had visits. My wife has been here and so have a couple of attorneys. I don’t get a visit every week. But some are better than none. Like Louisiana, commissary is very expensive here also. And it doesn’t help that I’m a foodie. Throw in buying batteries, personal hygiene products, and 30-minute phone calls, and it does add up. You asked if visiting with family and friends makes it better or worse for me. For me, the answer is better. As much as it hurts when my wife leaves or one of the lawyers goes, I do enjoy sitting there and eating and talking for that precious time out of the barracks. Plus, getting to watch the little kids run around who are there visiting their family members is just awesome for me. Does visiting make your son feel good or bad?

To DD – Thank you for your email. You said you kept it short because you didn’t know how often I get to use the computer. I don’t use a computer. I write to Ms Leveritt and she puts my blogs up for me. Once a week she sends me the responses (good and bad) and I read them and answer as best I can. I would like to write to you but don’t have your address so feel free to write to me if you feel like it.

Tim Howard # 160909
Varner – Barracks 22
PO Box 600
Grady, AR 71644-0600

I don’t know that there’s anything that can be done to get me out of prison that my attorney and support team is not already doing.

To SB – You said we went to school together. Did I have classes with you or your brother? I’ll agree with you about the legal system. And I understand that it’s what we have to work with. But I’d sure like to see some rule changes. Plus, I’d like to have our elected officials admit when a mistake is made and not have to drag it out.

To SW – I’m not ignoring your post. I just don’t think there’s anything I could say that you would believe, based on what I read. But I will say this: I always loved TD and KD and that will never stop. I’d never hurt them, nor did I harm their parents. And I’ll leave it there. Blessings and happiness to you both.

To Unidentified Guy – Thanks for the support. I’m enjoying the blog. It’s still new to me and I hope to get better at it. The blog has its good and bad points. The bad points are the negative and hateful comments. But that’s just part of it. And btw, do I know who you are?

And Debra, Tonya, Punkin, Kethia, Meeka, Chelle…. Thanks to all of you for dropping in.


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