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Legal & Law Offices
Find US courts, jails, prisons, police departments, sheriffs, and district attorneys, including addresses, hours, phone numbers, and services.

Center for Prosecutor Integrity
Addressing the roots of wrongful convictions.

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice
Work by a dedicated exoneree

Center on Wrongful Convictions
Tackling judicial ‘mistakes and missteps’

Innocence Project
Exposing wrongs in the criminal justice system, especially with DNA

The Open File
Seeking accountability for prosecutors

Right on Crime
The conservative case for criminal justice reform

Justice Atlas of Sentencing and Convictions
An interactive, data-driven map

Solitary Watch
News from a nation in lockdown

Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants

Free the West Memphis Three is a historic site, the first to ever make available a massive archive of documents relating to an on-going case.

Callahan archive
A tremendous document resource of case material. Well organized, unopinionated and almost complete.

Meet Tim Howard
This is a story about anArkansas man whom even members of the Arkansas Supreme Court believe was convicted without evidence. Here I report on how prosecutors withheld evidence that could have acquitted him. He’s off death row now but in jail, and awaiting a new trial in September.
Martin Hill’s fine case synopsis, including reports on investigations of the WMPD since the trials.

Tru-TV part 1
My overview of what’s wrong with the West Memphis case, as in: “everything.”

“Satanic Panic”
Soul Exertion’s (Ryan Wood’s) song about the WM3.

An interview with me from the producers of “48 Hours Mystery.”

Grits for Breakfast
The best blog I know about the criminal justice system of a single state. In this case, it’s Texas, but the issues Scott Henson addresses lurk everywhere.

Happy Death Inc.
A very cool site that features, among other very cool stuff, an old but good interview of me.

Linda Ives’s Web Site
In-depth background on the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry and drug-related activities at Mena, Arkansas, with commentary by Linda Ives and Jean Duffey.

U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion
This opinion, handed down in 2001, is almost literally the last word on the Henry-Ives case–except that a few years later, Jay Campbell, one of the police officers involved, was sent to prison for later crimes.

“The Activities at Mena”
Collection of documents and sound clips relating to the death of drug smuggler Barry Seal, the airport at Mena, Arkansas, and allegations of official involvement.