Letter from Pamela Hobbs, mother of victim Steve Branch

My son Steve Branch was almost a pefect little boy. Everyone that knew him loved him because he had a loving character.He was a leader more than a follower. What happened on the most horrible day of my life was almost more than I could bear until I came to terms with the lost of my son and turned it all over to God. God gives me strength daily. As I also continue to pray if the 3 tried and convicted are not guilty that God will allow them to have another trial. I don’t want innocence men to take the fall for a crime they did not commit. It’s in Gods hands he was there also and in due time if others were involved he will reveal who they are. If the WM3 are not guilty God will allow them to have another trial. So I guess we all must continue to wait and have our own thoughts and theories about my nightmare until God is ready to allow his will to take place! I am honored I have a beautiful angel in heaven that calls me momma!!!!!!!!!