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lying 200If there is one thing I’ve learned reporting on our criminal justice system it is that we have too many prosecutors playing fast and loose with the law. As a result, I am proud to serve on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Prosecutor Integrity.

We have undertaken a huge, fascinating, and very important task, as our executive director, Ed Bartlett, explains below. Imagine what a difference this Registry will make! Please support us if you can.

Here’s Ed’s letter:

How many times have you heard about a rogue prosecutor who was let off the hook after a wrongful conviction caused by prosecutorial misconduct?

How often have you heard about a win-at-all costs prosecutor who was later feted as “Prosecutor of the Year,” elevated to the bench, or even elected to high political office?

According to the CPI report, “An Epidemic of Prosecutor Misconduct,” prosecutors who engage in misconduct are punished in fewer than 2% of cases. But now, there’s a way to bring a measure of justice to these cases – the Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct.

Every prosecutor who is added to the Registry now finds himself or herself subject to public accountability. In fact we’ve been told that prosecutors in some states have already begun to think twice before withholding exculpatory evidence, knowing that they may end up being listed in our Registry!

There have been an estimated 16,000 cases of prosecutorial misconduct since 1970. Right now, the great majority of these cases are buried in appellate court opinions and dusty bar disciplinary records. We need to change that deplorable state of affairs.

The Center for Prosecutor Integrity is now launching a two-week campaign called “Bring a Prosecutor to Justice.” We plan to add 400 new cases to the Registry. Each case costs $50 to locate, research, verify, and enter the information into the database. So we need to raise $20,000 to accomplish the goal of 400 new cases.

While most malfeasant prosecutors will never face official sanctions, now we can shine the light of accountability on their behavior. And that will help turn the tide.

Your tax-deductible gift, large or small, will make a difference in the lives of millions of innocent Americans. You may donate here.

Thank you.

E. Everett Bartlett, PhD, Director

Center for Prosecutor Integrity
Working to end wrongful convictions through the enhancement of prosecutor ethics

P.O. Box 1221
Rockville, MD 20849
Office: 301-801-0608
Cell: 301-670-1964

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