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Fired-up: Benca responds to marijuana proposal stricken from ballot

The battle between Arkansas proponents of the two medical marijuana efforts that will appear on the ballot has gotten hotter since the state supreme court struck one of them—Issue 7—after a lawsuit challenging it was filed by Little Rock attorney Kara Benca, with the support of her husband, Patrick Benca, who is also an attorney. […]

Mail call

It is really good hear from some of you. A few people have asked specific questions. One person even said that I could write to them. If someone doesn’t mind me writing and would like to write letters, that is just fine with me. I love writing letters and meeting new people.

On Cows and Carpentry

I ended up being assigned to Dairy. Well, after reading so many cowboy books and seeing Elsie commercials, I thought CRAP! Turns out though, the Dairy was a balm to my soul. It put me outside and working with cows, which I love. The job I was hired to do was take care of newborn calves.