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Assessing Fogleman’s defeat

Going into the election on May 18, most pundits expected Judge John Fogleman to defeat his opponent, Judge Courtney Henry, for Position 3 on the Arkansas Supreme Court. I too was braced for Fogleman’s win. After all, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the statewide daily paper, had endorsed him, as had my own paper, the Arkansas Times, […]

48 Hours does it right

Tonight, CBS presented the finest program on the West Memphis murders since HBO’s “Paradise Lost” aired almost 14 years ago. It’s not easy to tell such a complex story well, but “48 Hours” did the job well. Among many high points, it was a pleasure to see Johnny Depp speak so passionately about the injustice […]

Judge John Fogleman: cavalier and careless on the campaign trail

Judge John Fogleman, who prosecuted Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley and who is now running for a seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court, has said several times that if the three are innocent, he hopes they will soon be freed. He then notes that he does not believe they’re innocent. An honest judge—one […]

Above the law, Part 2

While America and the world look on, we here in Arkansas are struggling with a capricious state supreme court that increasingly has come to symbolize our tattered legal system. Here’s my latest attempt in the Arkansas Times to explain just a little bit of what the WM3—and the rest of us—are up against.

Arkansas, Scalia and Thomas would execute despite innocence

Last week, an Arkansas prosecuting attorney refused to grant Victoria Hutcheson immunity when she wanted to recant her earlier testimony in the shameful prosecution of the West Memphis Three. If there was any lingering doubt, that act erased it: Arkansas officials are not interested in either truth or justice in this case. They care only […]

WM3 supporters upstage Fogelman’s campaign announcement

Members of Arkansas Take Action, a group critical of the trials that resulted in murder convictions for Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., walked out of a press conference held Monday at the state capitol by Judge John Fogelman to announce his candidacy for the Arkansas Supreme Court. (See video here.) In 1994, […]