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‘Guideposts’ and a ‘razor thin’ case—Part 1

Lawyers for the WM3 outline expectations for the evidentiary hearing; the state mainly resists. [private]Attorneys for the West Memphis Three described the case against their clients as “razor thin” in 60-plus pages of briefs that were submitted to Arkansas Circuit Judge David N. Laser’s court yesterday. The filings outlined what one called an “entire new […]

IMO: It’s a matter of trust

Arkansas’s legal profession is allowed to be self-governing. But who’s minding the store? [private]If the West Memphis Three are ever freed from prison, the Arkansas judiciary will have to face serious questions as to how such a travesty was allowed to happen in the first place and how it was allowed to continue for so long. […]

Lorri Davis and I to speak about media and the WM3 at The University of Memphis on Mar. 24

Lorri Davis and I will be part of a panel to be held at The University of Memphis on the evening of March 24. Chelsea Leigh Boozer, president of the university’s Society of Professional Journalists, posted the following announcement and poster on Facebook. (The comments are getting interesting.)  “The Media’s Role in the West Memphis Three […]

Michale Graves to bring ‘angels’ and ‘the blackness’ to Little Rock

If you’re anywhere near Little Rock, come join me at Juanita’s at 8:30 on Friday, March 18 to hear—and thank—punk rocker Michale Graves. As many of you know, Graves is a longtime supporter of the WM3. He recently put together a short film entitled “The Blackness and the Forest” that told the story of his “Almost Home Campaign” to raise […]

Surviving by magick—Part 2

Damien Echols recalls his ‘horrific’ introduction to prison as having been ‘almost a blessing’ [private]Late on a Saturday afternoon, in March 1994, Damien Echols stood in a courtroom and heard himself sentenced to death. Within hours, he was delivered, cuffed and shackled, to an Arkansas prison, there to be held in “safe-keeping” until his appeals were over and his […]

What ‘items that were not requested’ did the attorney general have DNA tested?

AG Dustin McDaniel acknowledged–but did not explain–state’s additional DNA testing [private]In 1993, after Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., were charged with a triple-murder in West Memphis, Prosecuting Attorney John Fogleman took the unusual step of pursuing his own investigation. Prosecutors normally rely on results of the police investigation. For months after the […]

Fight to the death

Should we kill on technicalities? (This commentary appears as a sidebar to my article in this week’s Arkansas Times about state Death Row prisoner Tim Howard. Damien Echols believes that Howard is innocent, and three justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court have expressed concern that there was not enough evidence to convict Howard, let alone sentence […]

Surviving by magick—Part 1

Damien Echols breaks his long silence on the occult [private]Later this year, when a court in Jonesboro holds the evidentiary hearing ordered last September by the Arkansas Supreme Court, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., will have been behind bars for 18 years. Echols has spent almost all of that time on Arkansas’s […]

Welcome to a cell on Arkansas’s Death Row

A inmate’s model shows the scale of confinement in Arkansas’s Supermax [private]Pictured here are two views of a cell on Arkansas’s Death Row. The photos are of a model that was made legally by a Death Row inmate, using materials that were allowed at the time. The model was then given to a free-world visitor, as […]