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Letter from Pamela Hobbs, mother of victim Steve Branch

My son Steve Branch was almost a pefect little boy. Everyone that knew him loved him because he had a loving character.He was a leader more than a follower. What happened on the most horrible day of my life was almost more than I could bear until I came to terms with the lost of […]

WM3 defense teams meet with state; lay scientific ‘cards on the table’

Defense attorneys for Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr., the men known as the West Memphis Three, brought four forensic pathologists and two forensic odontologists with them to a meeting at the Arkansas Crime Lab on Thursday, May 17, according to a source who attended the day-long meeting. “Our approach has been to […]

The gang at ‘ground zero’

The crime. The trials. All that went wrong–and the responsibility for getting errors corrected. It all comes down to Arkansas. The three children who were murdered were Arkansans. So were their families, their neighbors, and the jurors who sat in judgment of the WM3. The three teenagers were convicted in Arkansas courts. Now men, they […]

Arkansas university students demand ‘Steps toward Justice’

Supporters of the West Memphis Three will assemble at the Arkansas State Capitol on Friday, April 20, in a rally organized by student activists at the University of Central Arkansas. The two-hour event, called Steps Toward Justice, will begin at noon. Organizers scheduled the rally as a way to give students, whose semester ends in […]

Kudos to a fine teacher

In January, Lanette Grate, faculty sponsor of the Demand Justice Panel at the University of Central Arkansas, was named a finalist for the Rachel Corrie Award for Courage in the Teaching of Writing. She was nominated for the award in part due to her work with the student panel, which has led discussions on the […]

Why I wrote about Byers, the confidential informant

Some readers have asked why I posted the article below at this time. The answer is that it was prompted by two other articles dealing with confidential informants that I wrote recently for the Arkansas Times: Bullet in the back and a related piece, Death under cover. The obscurity that surrounds confidential informants and their […]