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Jason and the warden

I visited Jason Baldwin in his new digs at the Tucker Maximum Security Unit a few weeks ago. It was great to see him, as always. But this visit came with a twist. We’d barely sat ourselves down in the hard plastic chairs in the concrete-block visitation room when in walks the warden, who also […]

MP3 Me

Here’s an interview I did with radio don Pat Lynch in December. WM3 Somebody let me know, please, if you have any trouble getting it.


This coming March 7-9 a new International WEST MEMPHIS THREE fundraising event will be celebrated for the first time: “Free the WM3: ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND”. The event will be celebrated, as other fundraising events have been in the past, with Supporters, all over the World, holding shows and concerts to raise money for the […]

Terry Hobbs admitted to 1982 sexual assault

Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the three childrren murdered in West Memphis in 1993 and whose DNA was recently found inside one of the knots used in the killing, was arrested 11 years before those murders in Hot Springs. He was charged with entering the home of a neighbor and touching her breasts […]

Hobbs 1982 assault underlines weaknesses in WMPD investigation

It is shocking—yet not really surprising—that West Memphis police failed to find an arrest report on Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the three children murdered in 1993, as part of their investigation. Worse, if they did find it, the report was suppressed. It was not part of the police file. The arrest in […]

Hobbs knives to be tested

A reliable source close to the investigation has reported that Brent Davis, the prosecuting attorney in the case of the West Memphis Three, arranged this week for Arkansas officials to take possession of knives that once belonged to Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of Stevie Branch, one of three children murdered in 1993. The source said […]

Terry Hobbs reports being told his DNA was found at crime scene

Interviewed on July 16, Terry Hobbs said an investigator for the WM3 defense told him recently “that a piece of my hair is in the knots that tied up Michael Moore.” Hobbs’s ex-wife, Pam Hobbs, interviewed the day before, said she now considers Terry Hobbs a suspect in the murders. Both the Hobbses said they […]

Challenging times for police and a prosecutor

On June 22, a 12-year-old West Memphis boy, DeAuntae Farrow, was shot and killed by a city police officer. Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen said the child was holding a toy gun and made “furtive motions” towards the officer, at which point, the officer shot. Relatives of DeAuntae Farrow have said the boy did not […]

“Three Little Boys”

Here are the remarks made by filmmaker Kelly Duda at the Crittenden County Courthouse for World Awareness Day for the West Memphis Three June 2, 2007 Fourteen years ago three little boys were murdered. Dragged out of a drainage ditch in West Memphis, Arkansas were the bodies of eight year-old Steven Branch, Christopher Byers, and […]